The Quenta Silmarillion is an epic tale of honour and treachery, love and and rage, glory and defeat.

This campaign aims to span the full breadth of that epic, from the theft of the Silmarils to the War of Wrath.

The concept behind this campaign is not a sandbox, but rather an opportunity to play against an epic backdrop of , and to have fun in first age of Tolkien’s legendarium. It will be focused on a series of Chapters and Vignettes, the intent is to run at least one story set in and around each vignette The actual story will vary dependent on the players and there characters.

The players will start as Noldo attendant to King Finwë at the Halls of Formenos.

I am using Rolemaster as the system for this campaign. This is in tribute to the vast quantity of high quality Rolemaster compatible MERP supplements Iron Crown Enterprises produced. Including a detailed examination of characters from the Silmarillion.

Quenta Silmarillion

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